Outliner in scrollMorph

Huebner Michael.Huebner at PrakInf.TU-Ilmenau.DE
Tue Nov 14 14:37:32 UTC 1995

When you embed an outliner in an scrollMorph,

1) there is a lot of visual output not clipped
2) when the embedded outliner is scrolled down 
	the mouse events are handled according to the original coordinates
	instead of the shifted ones.
	I tried to fix that in traits scrollMorph with a modified version of:

dispatchEvent: evt At: globalPt = ( 
  dropEvent: evt OnSubmorphsAt: globalPt + (x_off @ y_off) ifHandled: [^self ].
  dropEvent: evt OnBaseAt: globalPt)

	where the adding of (x_off at y_off) to 'globalPt' is the only modification
	to the original in traits morph. 
	But it didn't work.


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