Hello, world!

Huebner Michael.Huebner at PrakInf.TU-Ilmenau.DE
Wed Nov 1 09:50:03 UTC 1995

> I'll probably also make a proportional slider.

There is already a sliderMorph in the Self world.
What is missing is a scrollMorph, one that wraps another morph and shows
only a part according to the position of the slider in the associated sliderMorph.
I tried to do it but found that the assumption that no part of a morph should be hidden
is 'built into' the design of the morph family. 
That's why you have to change a lot of general functionality (inherited from morph)
to achieve a real scroller.
This was to much work for me at this time.
If you like I can send you the module with my first try.


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