Message tracking in Self

R James Noble kjx at Comp.VUW.AC.NZ
Tue Jan 3 03:51:12 UTC 1995


I've just reread the message you sent to the self-interest a couple of
months ago, and subsequently been impressed by your WWW pages.  (I've
been very remiss in keeping up with email - I'm sorry I didn't respond

I'm also working on dynamic program visualisation using Self,
concentrating on abstraction in visualisation --- essentially
displaying a list, say, as a sequence of items rather than an
assemblage of list, link, and item objects.

Since I have focused on displaying objects, I have worked with
transparent forwarders, which proved rather difficult to build in
Self2.0, mostly due to the "Self" problem (with self sends and
primitive messages) and protection. I have a clearer design using
dynamic delegation (_Perform:Delegated) but this has problems of its

As Mario pointed out, you are probably better off using the debugger
in single step mode. This will provide you with all messages for a
single process, spread over all objects in the program. I've tried this
in Self (although I haven't used it in anger) and it seemed to work
quite well.


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