Fun with Self...

Mario Wolczko Mario.Wolczko at Eng.Sun.COM
Wed Aug 30 02:06:47 UTC 1995

Ian Woollard writes:
   2. [Self 4.0's] memory footprint is *too* big.
      - It could *really* do with splitting up.
   3. It doesn't run on the same hardware as Self3.0 i.e. Sparc 5 32M

The footprint is larger than 3.0 because of the extra functionality.
If you build a Snapshot that contains the same stuff as the 3.0
release (i.e., core system and old UI), the object heap is 40% smaller
(I did a lot of space engineering over the winter).

If you're going to use 4.0 for Self programming (as opposed to merely
exploration), then it's straightforward to build a snapshot without
the Smalltalk stuff, the Web browser and the tutorial.  This will just
squeeze onto a 32Mb machine without paging to death.  A couple more
megs of RAM helps a lot.  I'd be happy to put such a snapshot up for
ftp if there was demand.

Thanks for the other comments.


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