Just for interest. :-)

Mario Wolczko Mario.Wolczko at Eng.Sun.COM
Mon Aug 28 23:29:27 UTC 1995

Date: Mon, 28 Aug 1995 16:10:02 -0700
From: slengy at calcomp.com (Sandor Lengyel x2495)
To: self-interest at self.sunlabs.com
Subject: Just for interest.  :-)
X-Sun-Charset: US-ASCII

One and half year ago, I downloaded Self3 (if I remember well). I played
with it a little, and waited with interest for the next revision.
It arrived, and it is probably very nice. I say, probably, because
I downloaded it, and with a 48M of memory on my Sparc IPC is still
veryy sloww. 

P.S. But I am happy that I am on your mailing list, though for now
it is Python and/or Java for me.


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