self-interest is alive again, and an announcement: tutorial available

Mario Wolczko Mario.Wolczko at Eng.Sun.COM
Fri Aug 25 23:17:18 UTC 1995

This message is to announce that the self-interest mailing list seems
to be alive again, after a prolonged absence due to various system

To send something to the list, mail self-interest at
You are already on the list if you received this message; to request
to be removed, or for other administrivia, mail
self-interest-request at

The Self web pages are at

Finally, some real content: the ECOOP Self tutorial notes,
`Prototype-based application construction using Self 4.0', are
available, in PostScript, from  This is a 130-page
tutorial that describes the language, environment, and GUI layer in
some detail.  If you've worked through the online tutorial, this is
probably the next thing you should read.  If you can't run the system,
this should give you a feel for what it's like to program in Self 4.0.
We will also be preparing a video of the system soon; watch this space
for details of how to get it.

Finally, please note that the mirror site in the UK,, is no longer operational.  We will try to
arrange for Self 4.0 to be available elsewhere.


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