Self demos

Tilak Ravi tilak at
Fri Apr 7 16:28:16 UTC 1995

	Yes! that is great having a m/c where we could telnet and
	see the demos for self.
	I there an existing port of self for linux. If not I would
	be glad to contribute to the effort.

On Wed, 5 Apr 1995, Jecel Mattos de Assumpcao Jr. wrote:

> On Tue, 4 Apr 1995 15:31:48 +0800, Randall.Smith at Eng.Sun.COM (Randy Smith) wrote:
> > > [ suggestion to let people try Self over the net deleted ]
> > 
> > Actually, we are thinking of establishing a machine outside pf Sun's
> > firewall. Because you could share screens, and travel around on the
> > infinite Self plain, Self would instantly be a "graphical MUD." Or "MOO," in
> > fact. It would be interesting to see the performace of X over the raw
> > internet.  I hear it is terrible, but I have not personally observed
> > it.
> Great idea! That way novices can meet with experts and have them help
> go over any bumps!
> When I got Self 4.0alpha installed, it was in the middle of the
> holidays and I wouldn't be able to go to the university for several
> days. So I simply called term and txconn and tried it out over a
> noisy 1200 bps line! It would take about 8 minutes to update the
> screen after each click on the radar view's buttons. I would
> have been *much* better at 9600.
> Within the US, I imagine most people have much faster connections.
> -- Jecel

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