Self questions

Bay-Wei Chang bay at Eng.Sun.COM
Sat Oct 8 01:03:16 UTC 1994

> 	1)	Is there a monochrome versiom ?
> 		If so where would I get it ?

No; we dropped monochrome support a while ago.  But it works
fine with grayscale monitors (a GX is pretty much mandatory).

> 	2)	Is there a FAQ ?
> 		and. where is it ?

There is no faq maintained by the Self group.  We do keep archives
of traffic on this mailing list; see the ftp site.

> 	3)	Is there an archive of source code for me to examine ?
> 		If so ...

In addition to the objects that come with the snapshot, there is some
source code in our contrib directory; most of it is for release 2, not
the current release.  The code for "mango", a parser-generator, is
current and is included in that directory.

> 	4)	Is there a document which gives Smalltalk to Self code
> 		equivalents ?

Not that I know of.  The syntax isn't terribly different, however.
(Others may disagree.)


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