Ivan Moore ivan at
Thu May 26 13:11:14 UTC 1994


Why are all the traits objects in the 'traits' object? (that's not very clear,
is it. I'll try again) Why *is* there a 'traits' object?

Why not just get the traits from the appropriate prototype?

It seems un-object-oriented to put traits together just because they
are all traits. eg. 'traits window' doesn't have much to do with 'traits set',
so why should they be 'in' the same object? (Ignoring the objects used for
splitting them into sub-groupings). It seems like a 'functional' sort
of decomposition rather than an object-oriented one (if that makes sense).

Surely 'window traits' (or 'window parent' or 'window class' (sorry about that 
- only joking :-) or 'window sharedBehavior' or anything else that asks a 
prototype for its traits is better. The prototypes are the 'important' objects 
- aren't they?

I realise that prototypes are going to have to be 'in' the same object (in some
sense - the lobby) in order to be able to use them - but this is inevitable.


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