consistency in Self

I.R.Woollard at I.R.Woollard at
Thu Jun 30 13:50:46 UTC 1994

I don't think that Self should allow arbitrary code to be executed
during message lookup.

I explored the current behaviour when I was trying to discover if Self
has the necessary facilities to enable protection of resources from
each other... (it doesn't.)

I came to the conclusion that:

a) it has horrible effects on code and lookup caches

b) it does what you can do with message (re)sending already,
i.e. there is little advantage in doing it.

c) you could change Self by specifying that the message lookup
searches all the data parents first, *then* expands the code slots
*if* the message hasn't already been satisfied. That way, the code
caches can be built. However, doing it is then dangerously close to
the prioritised parent slots that were tried out and abandoned in


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