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Jecel Mattos de Assumpcao Jr. jecel at
Fri Jun 17 13:14:40 UTC 1994

> I don't know if somebody may be interested, but Fred Rivard and me
> wrote in 1991 an interpreter of Self 1.0 in Smalltalk 2.5 (Ultimardrev

I'm interested!

> Self).  It contains a parser of the full Self-syntax, that was able to
> reload most of the system files, for generating the initial Self
> world. The sources may be available.

While it never hurts to look at other people's code, it is main
in their *ideas* that I am interested in.

> Then starting from this interpreter, Pierre Cointe, Jacques Malenfant,
> Christophe Dony and me have extended its virtual machine to decompose
> message sending according to the lookupOapply model, supported by a
> meta-object protocol. This is an alternative to limited mirrors for
> reflecting upon Self.

Could you elaborate a little on that? I have read all I can get my
hands on about reflection, but haven't heard about lookup/apply.
I found a lot of good stuff via ftp to in the
/pub/washington directory.

> Actually, we are defining our own full-reflective plateform, Moostrap,
> inspired by some Self constructions, and we would be very interested
> by any experience with reflection in Self.

I am also trying to extend the reflection in Self in my Merlin
Project. You can read a little about it in the Web as

   <a href=> Merlin </a>

Unfortunately, the part about reflection is among those that
need to be greatly expanded. I based most of my ideas on the
Apertos OS developed at Sony ( see ).

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