Obfuscated Self

Mario Wolczko Mario.Wolczko at Eng.Sun.COM
Fri Jul 22 11:19:36 UTC 1994

     Jecel> But the current ( and
     Jecel> certainly even more so in the future ) implementation seems
     Jecel> to me to allow simple, clean and powerful programming which
     Jecel> I would not hesitate to show to novices.

   Let's try this out and _prove_ it!

One test is due to occur next Tuesday and Wednesday: Jon Taylor and
Trevor Hopkins at Manchester University are going to teach an
introductory OOP course using Self as the medium of expression.

This is the first tangible product of collaboration between the Self
project and various educational institutions in this area.  Our goal
is to make the results of these initial teaching experiments
(including teaching materials) available to anybody who wants to use
Self as a teaching vehicle.

Watch this space for news..


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