Notation for delegation in OMT or BOOCH

Reto Kramer 100073.1040 at
Thu Jul 14 14:37:46 UTC 1994

I am looking for a notation for delegation in OO-Methods.
I known OMT quite well but could not find any notation
for delegation (there is one for propagation but this does
not have the semantics, delegation provides).
In BOOCH, I could not find any notation either though he
speeks about delegation.
In OBA, I could not find anything either.

Delegation is very important for us because:
a) we only have single inheritance due to Smalltalk and thus
    we rely on it to replace multiple inheritance
b) delegation is just as important as inheritance (multiple or not)
   and we often use it's semantic per se

I thought about extending the Smalltalk metaprotocol (I use ParcPlace)
to include support for delegation as well as aggregation (with propagation).
Did anybody do this already (maybe in SELF or CLOS) ?

I would appreciate any comments on this.

PS: since I only have the published OMT books (original hardcover 1991
and the later red paperback), I miss the extensions that have been
published in JOOP (by Rumbaugh himself I heared).
If anybody could help me on how to get a copy of those extensions
I'd send him a postcard from by next holiday !


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