cursor location

Ivan Moore ivan at
Fri Apr 15 16:24:43 UTC 1994

Thanks for the help with graphical things.

However, I'm still having trouble with user input. I'm trying to write a little
program which makes a 'man' follow the cursor around a window, but when I call
'ui window cursor location' (or should it be 'mywin cursor location'?)
the cursor's location only seems to be 'updated' very infrequently.
ie. it often doesn't hold the current value, but the value some time in the 

What can I do to find the cursor's (up-to-date) location?

Also, I've tried to look at the 'simpleEventHandler'. Sorry if I'm being stupid,
but lots of the methods have an argument 'event'. Where does this come from,
and what is it?


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