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Jecel Mattos de Assumpcao Jr. jecel at
Wed Apr 13 04:58:30 UTC 1994

>Congrats, Bay!

I'll second that ( again ). One small suggestion - how about more
details about the members of the Self group? There were photos and
brief biographies at end of the IEEE Computer article, right? That
would add a personal touch to the project.

>Jecel, interesting thoughts!
>I am fascinated by the paradigm of duality or even multi-ality.
>I think that humans perceive a given phenomenon in many ways, like those
>figure-ground reversal illusions, and that this is very important.
>So, we look at some Self program, and almost-simultaneously see it as
>a collection of objects, a set of slots, a group of invarients maintained,
>etc, etc.

One of the user interface papers is about this, isn't it? I don't remember
if it was the 1995 one :-( as I don't have access to Mosaic right now.

I am trying to solve these problems, but am still stuck where I was
a few years back when we discussed using multiple sides for each
object to have several views while maintaining a single identity
( I was inspired by Silicon Graphic's "buttonfly" demo, BTW ).

I guess my imagination ain't what it used to be. One problem is that
my Self isn't running yet, so I prototyped my user interface in

>I'm not sure that "levels" is the best metaphor, because some of the different
>views overlap or intersect.
>But anything that lets you look at the same thing in different ways fits in
>with this

I will have to think about this one. I wasn't thinking about anything
too structured, just random hypertext links. The "levels" I brought up
were for explanation purposes only - the implementation might be very
different. I tried to identify to what kind of object you "hooked" the
documentation:  - comments to code objects
                - object descriptions to the "data" objects themselves
                - application information to modules (?)

- Jecel

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