Newbie seeks a NeXT version of self

Robert Duvall rcd at
Tue Apr 5 07:45:21 UTC 1994

>  >  I've heard some interesting things about self. I'd like to try it out. I use NEXTSTEP (on 68k and Intel machines).
>  Are there any versions besides the Sparc one?

I do not know of any ports of Self to the black NeXT.  I have been thinking
about doing one for awhile, but never gotten the time or the motivation (since
I have access to a Sun).

As has been stated in this group before. Self is a native compiler and thus
not easy to port to other platforms.  Last I had heard though, only a port to
the Intel processor was in the works (correct me if I am wrong...).  So maybe
it will will just need a GUI facelift to get it working for white NeXT

Hope this helps

Robert Duvall
Brown University
rcd at

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