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Thu Oct 7 14:05:55 UTC 1993

Hello everybody,

I'm a little bit confused about how to inspect category objects:
If I want to list all "integer's" slots like >>+, >>-, >>sin >>cos
and so on, I say:

	Self 1> inspect: traits integer.

This shows me a list of category objects like

	_ functions* = traits integer functions.
	_ arithmetic* = traits integer arithmetic

Now saying

	Self 2> inspect: traits integer arithmetic

shows an error: "No public 'arithmetic' slot was found in traits integer <2>".
Ok - "_" of "_ arithmetic*" indicates that this slot is private. (Although
I can't understand why. Shall I not know what an integer is able to do?)

Doing the same inspect on "traits string" returns category objects like

	_ copying* = traits string copying
	_ printing* = traits string printing
	_ running* = traits string running

Now again saying

	Self 3> inspect: traits string printing

I _get_ a list of slots although "_ printing" tells me that this is a private
slot, too. But saying

	Self 4> inspect: traits string running

shows the expected error message.

Something I miss? I think I just have a very stupid error in my understanding
of Self... Thanks in advance to everybody who could help me,
- Bjoern

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