parent priorities

Jecel Mattos de Assumpcao Jr. kofuji jecel at
Thu Oct 7 02:46:35 UTC 1993

In "Type Inference of Self"  (papers/ Ole Agesen,
Jens Palsberg & Michael Schwartzbach write:
"This has already been verified in practice since parent priorities
were recently eliminated from Self. The code in figure 3, though,
applies to the old semantics of Self as found in release 2.0.1"
(BTW: I really enjoyed this paper and a few other OOPSLA' 93 I have 
just got my hands on!)
Any comments on upcoming features for Self? How about the promised
"The semantics of resend will be simplified in the future." ?
I have just noticed that 2.0.1 got rid of inner methods. After all
that trouble to convince me they were usefull! ;-)
Well, I just can't wait to know what changes are planned for Self.
- Jecel

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