Self 3.0 impressions

Jecel Mattos de Assumpcao Jr. kofuji jecel at
Fri Nov 12 02:06:08 UTC 1993

I just loved Self 3.0!
This is a huge improvement and I think you have crossed a threshhold
where the system is now a lot closer to Smalltalk implementations
in maturity. Many people who are rather conservative have expressed
interest in trying out Self when I showed them 3.0.
The animations are very entertaining ( and well thought out ) and
do not tire with repeation. I really prefer to program graphicaly
to typing what reminds me of LISP ( even though I adore LISP! ).
By working with methods one at a time people can clearly see
that Self looks almost exactly like Smalltalk.
On page 22 of "How to Use Self 3.0" there is a footnote saying "Menus
do not reflect the philosophy of concreteness we espouse for the ui."
I had the same problem with a "visual smalltalk" I designed many
years back. What I did was to call them "remote controls" and stop
worrying about it ;-)
The syntax on page 27 of "The Self 3.0 Programmer's Reference Manual"
does not seem to me to allow nesting of annotation as mentioned in
the text. I guess the text is right? How about a 'Man:' annotation
for Unix fans? :-) An 'Examples:' annotation might be nice too. Maybe
these things should go into the module objects as they refer to a whole
group of objects ( an application ) rather than just one.
Regards, Jecel

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