self-mode.el and self.el

Mon May 17 04:58:42 UTC 1993

  [resending due to nameserver problems]
  I have put a new self-mode.el, and an associated self.el (run self in
an Emacs buffer) in contrib as self-mode.shar.Z.
  Important addition to self-mode.el is ESC C-x (the difference betwen
C-x ESC and ESC C-x should not exist in the presense of a meta-key, but 
ESC C-x is the traditional key). self-send-object sends the current `object'
to the inferior self.
  This works by looking for the previous ^|)$ and sending everything
after that until the next ^|)$ to a temporary file and doing a
_RunScript on it.

  While I've got your attention, two things:

  a) I was hoping that 2.0 would eliminate the problem of putting a
     '.' at the end of a top-level object. The Pascal idea that ';'
     seperates objects is nice, but I prefer to be able to put ';' in
     anywhere like it C. Self doesn't even let me consistently put a '.'
     after every object.
     (I speak of ';' metaphorically.)

  b) Can the current directory please be either the directory that the
     snapshot was invoked from, or the directory that the snapshot was
     found in? (prefer the former)
       I don't like having my searchPath/load stuff keep messing up
     when I change my mind about which part is my `SELF_WORKING_DIR', etc..
     (at least, there seems to be some dependancy)


p.s: X works now thanks to James. Wee! Yahoo! :L-)
p.p.s: VMS line editors suck.

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