X and Self 2.0.1

Michael Richardson richards at turing.scs.carleton.ca
Wed May 5 22:41:04 UTC 1993

  I thought I'd take a look at the X routines that are in the
2.0.1 release of Self so I would understand James Noble's stuff (when
I get to see it) a bit better.
  I finally sat down at a console and did 'ui start' to see what
happens. It definitely works... (Normally it is NCSA Telnet, 
X under Mach386, or DecWindows for me)
  It seems that one should be able to write some simple code to at
least *open* a window. Alas, it never gets mapped. Can anyone shed any
light on this? Is anyone else doing mainstream work on the Self X-interface.
  Here is the code that I put together by looking at uiX.self:

lobby _AddSlotsIfAbsent: (| mooch = () |)
mooch _Define: (| 
    parent* = traits oddball.
    displayName <- unix environmentVariable: 'DISPLAY'.
    start = ( 
	display: xlib display open: displayName.
	window: xlib window createOnDisplay: display At: 5 at 26 Size: 500@@500.
	window name: 'Test #1'.
	window iconified: false Input: true.
	window map.
	inspect: display.
	inspect: window.

  BTW: with regard to comment of using ':0.0' versus 'hostname:0.0':
    I would assume that XOpenDisplay considers :0.0 to mean unix:0.0, 
which usually means to open an AF_UNIX domain socket rather than an
AF_INET (tcp) socket. This is usually in /tmp/.X11_unix/X? 


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