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John.Maloney at Eng.Sun.COM John.Maloney at Eng.Sun.COM
Mon Feb 15 17:09:21 UTC 1993


Try doing "pathCache refill" after you have added your own objects
to the system. The path cache is a dictionary of names for well-known
objects. This will help if the object you are printing is a prototype,
traits, or oddball object (i.e., if it can be found in the global

For other objects, you have to do two things:
  a. implement the method "printString" returning the desired string
  b. add a constant slot with the name "thisObjectPrints" to the
     object's prototype. This tells the object printing code that it
     is safe to send printString to the object (this trick is needed
     because not every object understands printString).

Let me know if this solves the problem.

	-- John

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