Problems with XOpenDisplay

Michael Richardson mcr at
Sun Aug 22 19:16:40 UTC 1993

  I originally had problems with XOpenDisplay (and thus xlib display open:, and thus
viewManager open:) not working immediately. It would usually work the second or third try.
  James Nobel's navel code tried 25 times before giving up.
  I have since moved from being on the immediate subnet of the SparcStation I was running on,
to being somewhat more remote... across campus. The good news is that I have my own NCD X
terminal, and a portion of a little used Sparc II to play, the bad news is that I can no
longer get XOpenDisplay to work.
  I'm wondering if the reasons behind the original problem had to do with some kind
of non-blocking that was done to the socket? 
  (for those curious about why I've moved, finger this account, or try: 

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