porting to NeXT?

Urs Hoelzle urs at cs.stanford.edu
Fri Apr 30 16:43:09 UTC 1993

> Assuming I wanted to take on the task of porting Self to the NeXT,  
> can anyone give me some pointers to how big a job it would be, where  
> to start, etc?

We do have a Sun-3 version of 2.0.1 which should compile on a NeXT,
modulo some Unix differences.  I don't know the NeXt, so I have no
idea of how much it differs from SunOS, but I can't imagine the
differences would be too much of a problem.  (There may be some
Unix-version dependent Self code, too, e.g. in unix.self). 

 However, you should also know that

- The Sun-3 version supports the non-optimizing compiler only.  Programs
  will run at "interpreter speed" (say, 50x slower than C).

- The UI won't run - 2.0.1 still uses the Pixrect library.

- We probably won't support the Sun-3 in future releases.

Good luck!


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