Bug with _DirPath:

Michael Richardson richards at turing.scs.carleton.ca
Wed Apr 28 22:25:29 UTC 1993

  If one has the situation that:

% ls self-2.0.1
SelfUserSetup*		self-orig/		sun3/
aa/			selfrc			sun4/
mach/			small.snapshot*		xhack/
self-interest.Feb93	source/
% ls self-2.0.1
RCS@		aa.self		boundedNum.self	poly.self~	test3.self
aa-load.self	aa.self~	multi-test.self	test1.self	tests.self
aa-load.self~	boites.self	poly.self	test2.self	window.self

  That is, there is a directory named 'aa' with a file named 'aa.self'
in it, and one puts self-2.0.1/ and self-2.0.1/aa on the _DirPath in
that order, then _RunScript reads the `file' self-2.0.1/aa. _RunScript
should *not* read directories. One might want to insist that it was a
simple file, but that is probably too limiting. (named pipes anyone?)
  Actually, I have . in my path, at the beginning, putting it at the
end solves the problem. 


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