Why Aren't Mirrors Canonical

Dave Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Thu Oct 15 21:03:36 UTC 1992

Actually, I believe this is not the best way to go--
instead of putting state in and canonizing the mirrors,
I think you should make a new object that contains the state
that uses the mirror as a client.
That way, other folks could write their own kinds of reflection and
still use the base-level mirrors, which only contain protocol
tied to the implementation.

I hope this is clear--


> R James Noble writes:
> > Can anyone see any problems with this approach? Just out of (self)
> > interest, why aren't mirrors canonical at the VM level? (speed?)
> There's no deep reason, we just didn't think it was necessary.  But
> you have a good point, we should probably change this.  (By the way,
> activation mirrors are canonical even today.)
> -Urs

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