C++ interface

Richard W. Kreutzer Consultant rwk at quark.sbi.com
Sat Oct 10 21:29:33 UTC 1992

I read in a recent post about a project to ease the job of interfacing Self to
other languages.  (I deleted the post, so I am not able to quote from it.)  I
was just wondering if there is any chance that the C++ part could be released
seperately when it is ready - since I thought it said that this (and/or C)
were being done first?

The impression I got is that it would parse C++ header files and, based on the
class definitions, would generate C++ Glue code automatically.  Is this what
you are working on?

Since it seems like kind of an independent piece of work, is there any chance
it will be released seperately (and therefore sooner of course) from the next
Self release (which is understandably, a long war off)?


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