Bay-Wei Chang Bay.Chang at Eng.Sun.COM
Fri Oct 9 20:31:08 UTC 1992

> i was very intrigued by the talk that Self would
> eventually include native XGL support in place of it's current Pixrect
> support, but it was mentioned that that wouldn't happen for a long time.  

If you're interested in using X or XGL (or any other code outside
Self, for that matter), you can glue in those primitives using dynamic
linking--see the Self user manual section on foreign functions.

By the way, we've moved the experimental UI off of Pixrects.
Unfortunately, we haven't planned on a release anytime soon,
so you won't get the benefit of that.  But as I said above, if you
want to use X or XGL, the current Self system lets you go right ahead
and glue in the primitives dynamically.


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