Linn Rekursiv

Dave Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Thu Feb 6 00:18:53 UTC 1992

This discussion is great!
I have refrained from mentioning SOAR because it was a while ago.
The results looked pretty good and the best ideas were incorperated into
SPARC--so I feel that the SPARC is a pretty good object-oriented architecture
for Smalltalk and Self-like systems.
(A 400-ns SOAR ran ST as fast as a 70 ns Dorado)

Based on the SOAR experience (that almost all of our hardware ideas were
a waste of energy, but that compilation wins big) 
we have pursued that avenue for Self.

But, I bet there must be a few good hardware ideas left to winnow out
from the bad ones.

If anyone out there has or gets numbers for Rekursiv or Mushroom performance
(or others) it would be great to see them.

I am especially excited about the Mushroom memory system.

Dave Ungar

PS: Somehow when I get messages on this alias, it doesn't tell me who sent them,
so it would be great if everyone signed their name at the bottom--thanks

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