RESKURSIV reference

Andrew Ormsby aro at
Wed Feb 5 10:08:38 UTC 1992

The only reference to REKURSIV I have handy is:

	author = 	"David M Harland and Brian Drummond",
	title = 	"RESKURSIV - Object Oriented Hardware", 
	booktitle =	"Object-oriented languages, systems and
	editor =	"G Blair and J Gallagher and D Hutchinson and D
	publisher = 	"Pitman",
	year =		"1991"

Ellis Horwood also publish a book by Harland about the architecture.

I remember thinking that it looked quite elegant when I read about it,
but apart from a few evalutation kits being distributed to some UK
universities (not ours), I'm not aware of anyone using it. 

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