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Al Underbrink al at hsvaic.boeing.com
Tue Feb 4 22:00:50 UTC 1992

>Although a virtue of Self is to execute as fast as C, I am investigating
>computer architectures with specific hardware support for Object
>Oriented Programming.  If you who have ever read (or researched) about
>tagged architectures; O.O.  memory menagement; bytecode emulating
>microprogramming; and so, how about sharing your ideas ?

I presume you are familiar with the "Rekursiv" project?  If not, here is
a beginning.

Rekursiv is a project which has been investigating the implementation
of object-oriented (and other) techniques in an integrated circuit chip
set.  The effort is led by David M. Harland of Linn Smart Computing Ltd.
in Glasgow.  A book published by Mr. Harland entitled "Rekursiv:  Object
Oriented Computer Architecture" is available from Ellis Horwood Limited,
Market Cross House, Cooper St., Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1EB,
England.  The North and South American distributor is Halsted Press: a
division of John Wiley & Sons Limited, Baffins Lane, Chichester, West
Sussex, England.  The textbook was published in 1988.

In the book, the author discusses instruction support necessary for data
abstraction, inheritance, etc.  Object oriented techniques have some
additional instruction set requirements, but also do away with other
requirements (e.g., standard word lengths and short-term vs. long-term
storage).  Overall, I find the ideas in the book fascinating.

This work is several years old and I confess to not keeping up with more
recent developments.  In fact, I heard a rumor that the researchers at
Linn have moved on to other problems.  Perhaps others on self-interest
can provide and update.

Good luck in your endeavors,

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