Self Size

Brook Conner dbc at
Mon Aug 24 16:55:38 UTC 1992

Richard W. Kreutzer Consultant writes:
 > > There are also other possibilities:
 > > Which framebuffer are you using?
 > I'm not sure what framebuffer I am using.  I'm sure it is the low-end standard
 > 19" color monitor that came with 1+'s.

If it isn't a GX, it will probably be markedly slower.  GX's don't do
much, but what they do (big blits) they do very fast.

 > > Just how slow is it?
 > It probably takes from 0.3 to 1.0 seconds or so to sprout.  Also
	when I grab 
 > and drag, it sometimes misses it entirely and othertimes nothing
	happens for a 
 > second and then the object jumps to the location of my mouse.

This behavior sounds like something I stumbled on when I finally got a
demo from the Self guys (hi guys!)

The machines where I usually work either have "low" amounts of ram
(e.g., 24megs) or have funny framebuffers (a GS barely works -- the
colormap stuff and overlay planes dont' work the same as on a GX, but
at least you can see something -- a GT doesn't work at all).  So I
never saw the self UI really doing its thing until just recently.

I saw essentially the same behavior, but in a predictable fashion:
If you click on an object and move off of it fast enough, nothing
happens until you move the mouse again, at which point the object
snaps to the mouse point.  So click, move fast, and _stop_.  Wait as
long as you like, and nothing will happen.  Then jiggle the mouse,
just a bit, and the object jumps to the mouse position.

So, whoever wrote that part of the code goofed a bit on their event
handling routine.


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