Self Size

Richard W. Kreutzer Consultant rwk at
Sat Aug 22 18:13:56 UTC 1992

> There are also other possibilities:
> Which framebuffer are you using?

I'm not sure what framebuffer I am using.  I'm sure it is the low-end standard
19" color monitor that came with 1+'s.

> Is your machine thrashing?

I have 40 meg of real memory.  I am sure it is not thrashing (I would hear it).

> Just how slow is it?

It probably takes from 0.3 to 1.0 seconds or so to sprout.  Also when I grab
and drag, it sometimes misses it entirely and othertimes nothing happens for a
second and then the object jumps to the location of my mouse.

> (It should seem OK on a 1+ -- I'm not sure what is going on here)

Also, it doesn't really seem to be any slower at first, and then get faster
with use.  But there is quite a bit of variability in the response of
identical actions.

Hope this helps and I am pleased to hear the size and performance issues are
being worked on.


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