Problem running Self 2.0

Tim Hoffman SE - Western Australia timh at sunwa.Aus.Sun.COM
Thu Aug 20 17:40:41 UTC 1992


I am only new to Self, and am having a great deal of trouble trying to get
Self 2.0 (FCS) to run porperly.

Here is the log of what I am having probs with. As you can see I am not getting 
very far.  I beleive I have installed it correctly.  I am using
a dual headed SS1+ with 28Mb and SunOS 4.1.2.  Oh and Spy will run OK it seems.

	hardwired% Self
	Self Virtual Machine Version 2.0, Jun  1 1992 10:10:36
	Copyright 1989-92: The Self Group (type _Credits for credits)
	reading ~/.selfrc
	VM# prompt start
	A lookup error happened: lobby did not understand the message
	"prompt". The receiver also did not understand the lookup error message
	"undefinedSelector:Type:Delegatee:MethodHolder:Arguments:" which was 
	subsequently sent to it. -- Self VM
	#0 (<error>:1): prompt = ( | _ self* = lobby. | 
	"undefined selector error;
	this method was automatically generated by the VM."
	#1 doIt = ( | _ self* = lobby. | prompt start )
	#2 (<predefined>:1): printIt = ( | _ self* = lobby. |  doIt _Print  )
Not much else works either.


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