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Keith> It is my understanding that the Self UI group is planning on building the next
Keith> generation UI on XGL, which would make it inherently non-portable.
Keith> PEXlib, OpenGL, and PHIGS, however, are portable, to varying degrees.
Keith> PEXlib, for example is portable to all X platforms and is reported to give
Keith> 85% of the performance of XGL, which sounds like a minor thing to give up
Keith> for portability.  OpenGL is not only portable to other X platforms, but is
Keith> being licensed by Microsoft for NT/Windows, so that a port to other non-UNIX
Keith> platforms would be feasible.

	If a new UI gets written, would it be possible to have at
least basic functionality provided by X11 only. ie no writing to
/dev/fb etc.. This so that those of us unfortunate to use machines
like Iris Indigo's (:-) can use self remotely.

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