ftp w/o ftp access

Bay-Wei Chang Bay.Chang at Eng.Sun.COM
Tue Aug 18 23:43:46 UTC 1992

> As an interested (self-interested?) observer of functional languages and
> OO functional languages without access to the FTP features of the Internet,
> could someone send or direct me to more information about Self?

Try the ftpmail service.  By sending a request to this
service, you can get it to fetch you files from any ftp site.  It also
breaks them up in chunks so that mailers can handle large files.

You can get information on this service by sending an email with the word
"help" in the Subject line to:

  ftpmail at uucp-gw-2.pa.dec.com

It will immediately mail you back instructions on how to fetch the files you

Actual ftpmail requests are usually fulfilled within a day or so (from
what I gather).

  Info on Self is available at self.stanford.edu.

  You'll probably want the documentation in


  and the system in


  and, perhaps, the papers in the directory /pub/papers.


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