Problem after installing Self 2.0

Ole Agesen agesen at
Tue Aug 11 15:41:37 UTC 1992

Hi Geoff. 

I think your problems may be caused by a typo in the selfrc file. 
We discovered this typo shortly after sending out the announcement.
The typo was fixed very quickly so most of you in self-interest should 
not encounter any problems, but if you are among the few that have 
gotten the bad version, here is the diff between selfrc with and without 
the typo:

    <        the trace if desired.'
    >        the trace if desired."

In other words, the single-quote should be changed to a duoble-quote.

Good luck!

P.S. Note that the selfrc file is copied to ~/.selfrc by the SelfUserSetup,
script so you have to fix the typo both in selfrc and your ~/.selfrc. Or 
you can re-install Self, if that seems easier.

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