Problem after installing Self 2.0

wyant at wyant at
Tue Aug 11 15:02:14 UTC 1992

I installed Self 2.0 according to the instructions,
started it up and got the following error message:

	reading ~/.selfrc
	Self VM error: slot names must begin with a lowercase letter on line 78,
	  character 6 of "~/.selfrc"

This is the unmodified .selfrc as created by the installation. The line in 
question is:

    "Scheduler"   <--- offending line
        "Prints all the processes known to the Self scheduler, including
	 recent processes that have been suspended with an error, but not
	 yet killed."

    jobs = (scheduler printProcessQueues. self).

Any suggestions ?

thanks in advance !

Geoff Wyant
wyant at
Centerline Software, Inc.
(Formerly Saber Software, Inc)
10 Fawcett Street
Cambridge, Ma.

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