BOS1.2 release -- play it again, sam

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Thu Apr 23 20:45:51 UTC 1992

[appologies to comp.lang.tcl readers for restating some things from my
earilier post --S]

Well, I screwed up and left out some files in my previous attempt at a
release. I've added them, along with a very cursory but at least
somewhat useful README at toplevel. You can pick it up and try it now,
if you couldn't get anywhere with it before:
	anon ftp to (
	user: anonymous
	password: your_user_id at your_host
	ftp> cd /usr0/snl/archive
	ftp> bin
	ftp> get bos-1.2.tar.Z

N.B.:You have to cd to that and only that directory, due to CMUisms in ftpd.

I should've also said, for the non-Tcl audience, that the BOS
distribution I pointed y'all at is (a) not very pretty (some CVS crud
directories left around, CMUisms in the makefiles), and (b) is ONLY BOS.
BOS needs at least Tcl 6.2, and, if you want to play with GUI stuff, Tk
1.4. Both of these are available from hosts (hah) of anon FTP sites, all
over the place. Also, some of the classes in base/ rely on Tk widgets
that are not part of Tk, but rather are part of our own internal library
of Tk widgets, which we have not had time to put into releaseable form
yet (but Real Soon Now); this includes a bugfixed version of the Tk Text
widget, several forms of DAG widgets (really nifty!), facilties for
actually building widgets totally in Tcl (e.g. low-level X11 primitives
that support messing with GCs, drawing text, lines, arcs, etc exported
into Tcl), and several other nice widgets (a form widget, other stuff).
Part of what I'm doing right now is BOSifying all of this...

There is documentation under the libbos source directory, mainly
programmer-level.  There is also some documentation under the bosh

As a favor, I ask that anyone who gets this stuff to work on their local
systems please send me email and tell me how hard (or easy) it was; I
assume a certain level of hacker-ness, I know. If folks are having too
many problems (and there are that many folks interested at all), I'll
burn some time to make it easier (my priorities are necessarily fixed on
other things at the moment, but since I have a machine at home (mixed
blessing), I can take a few late nights to do cleanup work if it is
worth it for enough people).

				-- Sean
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