Self question

Bay-Wei Chang Bay.Chang at Eng.Sun.COM
Fri Apr 3 01:21:04 UTC 1992

> Can someone tell me why this works:
> >_AddSlots: (| str = ('This is a string.') |)
> >str do: [ | :i | i print ]
> for printing a string but this:
> >str reverseDo: [ | :i | i print ]
> doesn't, for printing a string in reverse order?

reverseDo: isn't defined for strings in the current release--it's only
defined for lists.  The error you are getting is "message not understood."

(In the upcoming release your example would work, because reverseDo: is
defined for more collections, including indexable objects [like strings].)

Feel free to send further questions directly to me, unless you think they
might be of interest to others on the self-interest list.


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