unknown model code in hostID, in ui

Bay-Wei Chang Bay.Chang at Eng.Sun.COM
Wed Sep 18 17:22:43 UTC 1991

> 	Something else I noticed, which may or may not have something to
> do with it, is related to the UI.  The UI started up and ran fairly
> well, but I got multiple copies of this message as it was starting:
> 	warning: unknown model code in hostID, assuming sun4_260
> My 'hostid' command prints '5200804d' if this helps...

In the current release (1.1) the ui uses the hostDB (defined in hosts.self)
to look for certain default information, such as the framebuffer to run on.

These warning messages can be ignored; they just indicate that the hostDB
is incomplete, not having entries for your kind of machine.  In this case,
I believe that the first two bytes, 0x52, indicate a Sparcstation IPC,
which we hadn't put into the hostDB.

You can eliminate the warning message if you wish by adding entries for the
IPC into the hostDB.  The file hosts.self is pretty long, but you can
probably figure out what to add (after a while) by patterning after other


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