non-lifo blocks

William R Burdick burdick at
Sat Nov 2 03:15:00 UTC 1991

It seems to me that determining whether or not a block being evaluated
is LIFO or not takes up some overhead.  Why not impose a restriction
that blocks can only be stored in argument slots?  This (in addition
to the restriction that methods cannot return blocks) would guarantee
that all saved blocks are LIFO blocks.

I looked through ALL the self code provided with the release and I
found only one instance where a block was stored in a variable
(non-argument) slot.  This was on line 593 of tests.self and it looks
like the only purpose of that is to make sure that you can evaluate
blocks saved in slots.  You get along just fine without them anywhere

The fact that you can have literal objects with method declarations
and everything kind of replaces any use I had for saved blocks when I
used them in Smalltalk (like to use a dictionary of blocks as a table
of functions -- you can just use a literal object for that in Self).

	-- Bill
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