Emacs like editor ...

Eric Arseneau eat at scs.carleton.ca
Tue May 7 18:37:53 UTC 1991

Hello Self world,

I have just finished (actually 2 weeks ago, but I just got time
to write this message today) writing an editor that is somewhat
Emacs like in the graphical UI of Self.  It is nothing sepctacular
right now, but it can read files and write them back out after

Currently only the following functions are supported (I think !!!):

    - ctrl-n: cursor down
    - ctrl-p: cursor up
    - ctrl-b: cursor left
    - ctrl-f: cursor right
    - ctrl-v: page down
    - esc-v: page up
    - ctrl-d: delete char over cursor
    - backspace: ...
    - ctrl-x-s: save file
    - ctrl-k: kill to end of line
    - ctrl-y: yank out what was killed with ctrl-k

I am about to go on and work on some more features:
    - lines longer than one screen
        - currently lines that are wider than the editor is
          are not supported correctly, the current hack is
          that you can open up the editor as big as you wish
    - save as
    - search
    - ctrl-u: repeat the following sequence
    - status bar, much like the Emacs one

What I was wondering was, should I spend any time to try and
package what I have now and release it to you guys, with the
full understanding that the code is not very readable (this
is my first Self project) and that there may be bugs.  If
anybody would like what I have now, then send me some E-mail
and I'll release it to the contrib if I can get enough responses
to warrant the time to package ...

:) Eric Arseneau :) eat at scs.carleton.ca
Danny Epstein       dje at scs.carleton.ca

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