Undocumented Primitives

Urs Hoelzle urs at otis.stanford.edu
Mon Mar 25 18:25:32 UTC 1991

> While reading the unix.self sources, i saw a _Fcntl: primitive in the 
> private setNonBlocking method. This primitive is not documented. Are
> there other undocumented primitives in the current implementation of Self ? 

Not that we know of ;-)  We try to document what's in there, but
apparently _Fcntl slipped through the net.

> I'm
> particularly interested in communication primitives. What about a _Send:
> or a _Recv: primitive subsuming the _WriteFrom:Offset:Count: and 
> ReadInto:Offset:Count: ones ? 
> In fact, i'm looking for a distributed Self implementation, that is many
> Self interpreters running concurrently and communicationg through the
> Internet network ! The only primitive concerning such a beast is 
> TCPConnectToHost:Port:, which is relatively poor. Will the next release
> provide more functionnalities to deal with concurrency and/or 
> distribution ?

We're not planning to get in the distributed systems business anytime
soon... but Ole is working on making it possible to execute any Unix
system call from within Self, if that helps.


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