Strange behaviour??

Urs Hoelzle urs at
Wed Mar 13 05:40:01 UTC 1991

>   Essentially, I wanted to have a 'public' read slot, a private
> assignment slot, and a public keyword slot that would do some
> crunching before calling the private slot to actually do the
> assignment. 
>   I think I'll have to make do with two different named slots.

No, your solution was absolutely fine.  The only problem was your test
case which didn't trigger the noPublic... method because the lobby is
allowed to access the private field.  However, if you wanted to
intercept *every* assignment to slot "foo", you would need a "hidden"
data slot (say fooData) and the methods foo = ( fooData ) and 
foo: newValue = ( "do something". fooData: newValue ).  (I guess that's
what you mean by "two different named slots".)

> (Now all I need is programming actions. I would guess the problem was
> with invalidating the code cache?)

We're working on it... and we're almost there :-)


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