Streams for self

Danny Jared Epstein dje at
Thu Feb 28 15:51:28 UTC 1991

>From: R James Noble <kjx at>
>To: dje at
>Subject: Streams for self
>Status: R
>I have done streams for self, about 1K lines (inc blanks and comments)
>This is just the smalltalk blue book classes, nothing too exotic
>(although it includes binary streams which I am using in an X
>interface). It isn't on contrib because I've been busy and distracted
>and I wanted to tidy up a few things and move properly to the new
>version: I hope to get there soon.  If you would like a copy of my
>current version, reply and I'll send you the code.
>Nice to see more people using Self!

>R James Noble, Graduate Student, Computer Science Department
>Victoria University, Box 600, Wellington 1, New Zealand
>kjx at

The code that we have currently cannot run in version 1.1, so if
you would send the code that you have now it would be much appreciated
as I started to support streams the other day and got told by Dave
that you had already done it.

Just mail it to me.

:) Eric Arseneau :)  eat at
Danny Epstein        dje at

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