New Version of Self

Urs Hoelzle urs at
Wed Dec 18 01:34:28 UTC 1991

> Will the upcoming Self release be made this December?

Unfortunately, no...

> If not, what is the current expected release date?

Hmm...I guess I can't give you a precise date, but we've been making
good progress towards the release.  It will be late because we decided
to add some more functionality to it before it goes out, and also to
do some cleanups.  So don't expect it before the end of the year, but
it will be out before the end of the millenium.  Heck, I'll even risk
saying "decade"... :-)

> In the recent papers on making Self practical it is mentioned
> that the speed tests were done on a Sparc with 48Mega Bytes of RAM.
> What amount of this RAM was actually used by the Self task? Could
> you describe the current memory requirements for Self while running
> the Self GUI and without the GUI?

> What I am interested in knowing is what the minimum memory requirements
> are for the new release. With the GUI and without.

We were just listing our configuration without implying that all this
memory was actually used.  We don't have precise space figures and are
currently changing the way the UI allocates bitmaps.  It won't be too
different from earlier releases, I guess.  

We plan to do some tuning before the release so it'll run ok on a
machine with 24 (or maybe even 16) MB of RAM (including UI).  Your
mileage may vary, of course.


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