TCP, X in Self

Danny Jared Epstein dje at
Fri Apr 5 21:30:38 UTC 1991

Glad to see contrib's.

I tried out your X stuff.  After uncompressing and untaring the files,
I browsed some of the code.  I used Michael Richardson's loadscript
utility to load the whole thing without putting it all the the SELFDIR
directory.  I included the code in your README-sunshine file.  I also
changed the 'sc.self' file to avoid conflicts with my own shortcuts.
When I loaded it and tried the demo (by entering 'demo' at the
prompt), I got the following error:

   EINTR in '_TCPConnectToHost:Port:'

I noticed the reference to 'tcp host willis' in the stack dump, so I
used grep to find the implementor.  'x-misc.self' has a whole list of
tcp hosts so I added our local hosts to the list and then I changed
the reference to 'tcp host willis' in 'sc.self' to one of our local
hosts.  Then I tried the demo again:

    X Error: Connection request refused: Server's excuse: Client is
    not authorized to connect to server.

After doing an 'xhost +' (incantation courtesy of Eric), I finally
managed to get the demo to work.  It put up three X windows.  The
windows were mostly overlapping and moving the windows didn't refresh
them.  Is this the correct way to demo your X stuff?  Am I missing

- Danny Epstein
  dje at

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