TCP, X in Self

R James Noble kjx at
Fri Apr 5 02:35:43 UTC 1991

I've put a snapshot of my prototype contrib. It's called
"sunshine" because the sun is still shining here (I admit it; I like
the PCL release names). However, it isnt a "real" release, I'm not
even sure it will go - I just typed tar fcv *.self in what I hoped were
the right places.
There are two files, xstreams.sunshine.tar.Z contains the streams
library (no docs, there may be some in README-streams or something),
and xhack.sunshine.tar.Z contains the x interface, and a prototype of
my thesis project, a program illustration system - completely
undocumented :-). Actually, you'll probably need some definitons
tacked into the back of the README-sunshine as well.
All code runs under Self 1.1. It seems to need about 16M VM, which the 
8M sun3/80 we have here can just cope with.

I'd appreciate and comments, bug reports, flames about this stuff -
and I'll try to answer as promptly as Urs,Bay & co do!


R James Noble, Graduate Student, Computer Science Department
Victoria University, Box 600, Wellington 1, New Zealand
kjx at

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