SELFish questions

David Ungar ungar at stanford
Mon Oct 1 22:52:01 UTC 1990

I'm glad to hear that you are considering Self for your dissertation.
We would love to make this possible.
There are some obstacles, though:
	1. releasing the source
		We would like to do this, but are afraid that we need to spend some time to 
		make it easier to understand and learn (it is 50k-lines of C++)
		Meanwhile, we are resting from the Self release last spring.
		How soon would you need this?
		How rough could it be?
		Is your machine a 68K-based one?

	2. Fixing _DefineSlots, etc.
		This is a big job to fix right.
		We hope to do it by Summer (but no promises here)
		We might get it done earlier--keep pinging us.

	3. X ???
	4. Become: not too hard, but not too fast, either.
		I think we could figure out better ways to do it
		(i.e. using dynamic inheritance).

I have to run now--I'll try to get back to this later.
Safety is a long story--you should maybe talk to Bay, who has written the most
Self code among us.
(bay @ thoreau)


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